Building a Brand During A Global Pandemic

The Task

Our client Philly Steak’s approached us with a dream larger than life – a restaurant that features cheese wiz as a side. Partnering with an award-winning chef, they crafted a menu consisting of only the best, high quality ingredients and plated the food like a high dining experience. Oh, and top shelf craft cocktails that require mastery to make.

Our Solution

This is a new brand that needed top to bottom branding. A unique logo, color palette, a website that focused on online ordering, an ever evolving menu, and a successful grand opening campaign. To ensure a successful launch, we partnered with the chambers of commerce, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho city officials, local news media, food bloggers and local influencers to get the new name out.

The Result

A big opening that showed….numbers. Yes the venue was assisted in design with wall decor and bar layout.Revenue has increased steadily since their opening in 2021. In fact, we saw a 30% YOY increase from December 2021 to December 2022.